About Us

Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) is the premier accommodation association in NSW representing the interests of hotels, motels and serviced apartments.

Our members provide quality accommodation and dining experiences across metropolitan and regional NSW.

Our Members

The NSW accommodation sector:

  • Employs over 33,000 people, which is 4.8% of total employment in NSW
  • Worth $1.9 billion in added value to the NSW economy.
  • Comprises over 200 hotels, 198 serviced apartments, 1003 motels and guesthouses
  • Accounts for 11% of visitor spend, after transport, meals and shopping;
  • The accommodation sector is a key component of the tourism value chain.¬† Accommodation directly contributed $6.2 billion in Australian gross domestic product in 2010-11, 17.7% of total Tourism gross domestic product of $35 billion (2.5% of Australian GDP).

Our members consist of owners, heads of chain and individual 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, motels and serviced apartments across metropolitan and regional NSW.