Key Industry Partners & Suppliers

We are continuing to work closely with our key industry supporters to encourage all possible relief measures to be made available to members on a timely basis. To assist members, please see messages below of the commitments made by key industry partners to date. This will be updated as more information becomes available.

A message from Hostplus CEO

As an Industry SuperFund, Hostplus is proudly members-first. This philosophy has never been more important than it is today. As our community continues to work its way through the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to reassure you that we remain as focussed as we have ever been on delivering outcomes that are in the best interests of all of our members.

Over recent months I’ve witnessed incredible resilience from our members and contributing employers across all industries, who have come together to play their part in helping to ensure that when the time comes for us to return to our more traditional way of life, we will move forward together. It’s people like you and your staff, across a broad range of industries, who have helped Hostplus to grow into the fund it is today. And while our roots may be firmly within the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport sectors, our branches reach across the full spectrum of Australian industry.

As we know, the economic impact of COVID-19 has hit some harder than others, particularly those working in the hospitality, tourism, and retail sectors. To date we have received over 151,000 early release payment requests with 95% paid within 5 business days of us being notified of an approved request by the ATO.

While I’m pleased we’ve been able to help many members who’ve made the tough decision to access their super, we also remain vigilant in ensuring all our processes are stringent enough to detect and head-off fraudulent attempts to access the hard-earned retirement savings of our members. At a time when fraudulent activity is increased, I can confirm that our rigorous processes are working well in this important requirement.

I understand and empathise with any of your employees who are eager to access their early release payments as quickly as possible, and I genuinely regret that for some members their payments have been delayed, but in many cases these delays are necessary to process payments safely and securely so that our members’ money ends up where it should.

We’re well placed to navigate the current conditions

I’d like to once again reassure all our members and employers that Hostplus’ cash reserves and liquidity position is strong and comfortably positions the Fund to accommodate special early release scheme payments, as well as investment switches and routine benefit payments.

While we are well placed and ready to assist any of our members who need support during these unprecedented times, it is not expected that special early release withdrawals will affect the Fund’s financial position, its long-term investment beliefs and strategy, or its capacity or capability to continue to provide high quality products, services and outcomes to its valued members, contributing employers or stakeholders.

At this time, the total sum of special early release payments requested by Hostplus members sits at $1.04 billion, representing less than 2.5% of the Fund’s total funds under management. This is both well within our liquidity and contingency strategy and sees the Fund sufficiently placed to continue to meet further special early release claims over the course of the government’s Early Access Scheme period.

Exceptional long-term net benefit to members

While the current downturn is certainly more severe than prior periods of volatility over the last decade or so, the present conditions are not entirely unexpected. Markets, by their nature, are prone to fluctuations and volatility. We plan for this – our investment portfolios are structured to seek to provide appropriate resilience to the unpredictability currently being experienced in world investment markets.

Hostplus’ core investment philosophy is to take a long-term approach – consistent with the objectives and fundamental purpose of superannuation – and the performance of our default Balanced investment option remains top quartile over five, ten, and twenty-year periods1. While our strong historical performance is of course not a guarantee of future returns, it demonstrates the success of the Fund’s long-term investment strategy in recovering from prior periods of market volatility.

Stronger, together

Finally, I’d like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all those in our Hostplus community who have shown support and respect for our Hostplus front-line teams who are working incredibly hard to assist our valued members and contributing employers during this current challenging time.

My team and I will continue to work hard for you and remain focussed on our core purpose; to protect and grow the retirement savings of our members – it’s a privilege and responsibility we never take for granted.

Thank you, and please stay safe and take care.

Kind regards,

David Elia, Hostplus CEO


A message from ahs Hospitality

ahs hospitality is adapting to change in housekeeping by introducing short term labour options, pathogen and deep cleaning services.

Short term labour hire option provides the opportunity for cost savings, while the pathogen and deep cleaning services allows hotels to securely host isolating and quarantined guests.

ahs hospitality have adapted their housekeeping model to provide new cost saving measures for hotels and retain their experienced housekeepers.

They now offer short term labour hire, which in summary means:

i) Individual contracts that can be as short as 4 hours

ii) ahs team members working under each hotel’s supervision

iii) Experienced housekeepers working with full compliance of the Hospitality Award

This cost efficient option is especially beneficial if you have reduced manning at your property, as now you can have a supply of experienced housekeeping staff readily available to meet your needs.

ahs hospitality also offer pathogen and deep cleaning services (specialised methods of room servicing for guests who have been quarantined or are in isolation), their pathogen service has been reviewed and approved by an Infection Control consultant.

For more information, please contact ahs directly on 0409 350 397

A message from The Hotel School

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the tourism and hotel management industry has been hit very hard, and many people have been impacted both professionally and personally. The Hotel School and Mulpha are here to support and assist members as much as we can in these times of uncertainty. The team at The Hotel School are still running courses, initially focusing on subjects that can be done online in this phase of isolation.

We would like to offer our members and their teams the opportunity to apply for a 30% scholarship into any of our online courses. This is a financial support initiative, to help people stay ahead by upskilling and safeguarding their careers. The process of gaining a qualification from Southern Cross University through The Hotel School, will give professionals the confidence and career boost they need during this downtime, as well as keeping them connected to the industry and expanding their networks.

Our qualifications will be of interest to anyone working in the tourism and hospitality industry, whether their expertise lies in Hotel Management, Events, Tourism, Hospitality, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Project Management or Business.  Our full range of courses are listed on our website

When the restrictions are lifted, we want our members to be work ready and exactly what employers are looking for.

A message from LUXXE Outsourced Solutions

We understand this is a terrible time for our industry, with many hotels reducing hours or closing for lengthy periods of time. We wanted to offer some helpful hints for any caretakers of your properties to ensure that when you do reopen or have increased occupancies your rooms are in saleable condition.

If you have shut down whole floors or hotels and turned power off to certain areas it’s imperative that the caretaker intermittently check rooms on a regular basis with particular focus on fridges, ensuring that if the power is off and a towel was left in the fridge to catch the defrosting water that it’s removed so doesn’t become stagnant. Perishable items such as milk and OJ should have been removed and the doors left ajar where there’s no power to prevent mould growth. If fridge doors have remained closed it’s imperative to check that mould growth hasn’t already commenced, particularly in seals. Where mould growth is evident these areas should be sprayed with vinegar and oil of clove (if available) to kill the mould spores. Doors should then remain ajar to lessen the chance of recurrence.

A/C vents are another area that can have quick mould growth when not in regular use, these vents should be checked and sprayed with vinegar and Oil of clove (where available) to kill any mould spores.

Shower recesses particularly in the more northern states where there’s still a level of humidity can also have an increase in mould growth when the room is shut up with no air circulation or A/C, walls, tiles, floor and glass areas can all safely be sprayed with vinegar to prevent the mould growth.

If possible; opening windows / balcony doors intermittently and airing out the room is beneficial to assist in maintaining a good condition of a shutdown room.

Checking rooms sporadically for leaks is also recommended (where water has not been shut off).

Depending on the length of the crisis it should probably be noted to take a stocktake of all minibar items paying particular attention to expiration dates etc.

In the weeks leading up to the reopening of your property we will be able to offer you a revitalisation program for all rooms prior to sale. The length of time each room takes will be dependent on its condition over this period of shutdown and if regular maintenance has taken place to avoid the mould build up etc.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please reach out.

Kind Regards,

Craig Coughlin

Chief Executive Officer – LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services

A message from The Sydney Morning Herald

We are facing uncertain and challenging times ahead due to the COVID-19 crisis but we are not alone. We are all in this together, our resilience and the Australian spirit will ultimately prevail, we will pull together as we have done in the past and overcome these trying times.

As always, we will continue to keep our nation informed and up to date with the latest breaking news.

Please know that you are in our thoughts at this time, stay safe and healthy.

A message from Optus

The team at Optus is able to support your team during this difficult period enhancing connectivity across your team and property. For more information visit:

A message from Lawrence Dry Cleaners

We understand the increasing difficulty in supplying PPE to your teams and guests. Stephane Lemenager & the team at Lawrence Dry Cleaners are in the process of producing linen face masks. These masks are put through a vigorous chemical solution to remove any bacteria or other matter prior to production. The team can also assist with the cleaning of soft furnishings upon check out of your quarantined guests.

Should you wish to receive a sample of the masks, of which can be branded with your company logo, for your team and guests, please reach out to

A message from TAFE NSW

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the NSW Government, is offering a number of fully subsidised short courses that can be completed in just days or weeks, offering practical skills and experiences across a range of industries.

Programs include business, computer and digital marketing and can be accessed here.

A message from TAB, SKY, Keno and MAX

Tabcorp Holdings Limited (Tabcorp) last week provided a further update on the potential impacts of, and its response to, coronavirus (COVID-19) containment measures. This update is further to Tabcorp’s ASX release on 23 March 2020 noting the temporary closure of Australian licensed venues (hotels and clubs) and TAB agencies, and the cancellation and/or postponement of major sports events around the world.

Click here to read the update.

A message from Aristocrat

Our intention is to ensure that your current products can power up and be operational as soon as the Government permits venues to reopen.

Gaming products (EGMs, MTGMs & CRTs) have a backup memory to ensure the machine retains specific legislative & meter information to comply with regionally specific requirements. All EGMs and MTGMs powered down for an extended period will be reliant on the rechargeable battery used for the machines backup memory.

Please note that EGMs should be powered on/off individually via their main power switch. Multiple EGMs should not be simultaneously powered on/off via the switchboard circuit breaker, as this can cause temporary loading issues to the EGM supply circuits.

Due to the nature of capacitors and NiMH type batteries used in an EGMs major components, Aristocrat recommends powering on all EGMs for a minimum of four hours every three days to allow batteries and capacitors to maintain charge.

This should reduce the instances of memory backup corruption and component failure, which may lead to unexpected EGM downtime when venues reopen. The backup batteries in older products may no longer function at optimum capacity or hold enough charge and replacement parts may be limited.

Third party, system or regulatory/monitoring devices e.g. link controllers, graphic servers, monitoring server and equipment racks, SMIBs and venue specific PMM hardware should continue to be left powered on where possible.

If you are an Aristocrat VMS Systems customer can we ask that you please keep your servers powered on and operational. This will ensure the integrity of the hardware in maintained.

In these unprecedented times, Aristocrat will offer any assistance to our customers that is available and within our control.

Safe shutdown of draught beer systems – Lion take-away draught beer now available in NSW
Here at Lion, we are determined to provide further support and solutions for the industry and our customers. Please click HERE for information including instructions on the safe shutdown of your draught beer system, advertising and social media campaigns and social distancing signage.

A message from Lion

Lion has arranged 10,000 amber 1.25L bottles and caps, and 500 dispensers to be affixed to the tap to fill the bottles to be delivered free of charge to hundreds of hotels across NSW, who will then be able to provide take-aways of their favourite draught – including Tooheys New, Furphy and James Squire – to customers.

AHA NSW CEO John Whelan said the move would help keep many NSW pubs in business and their staff in jobs during the most difficult time in their history.

“Hotels across NSW have been shut for almost a month now and I know many people are missing a draught beer down at their local with mates,” he said.

‘We can’t quite do that yet, but a cold draught beer to take-away is certainly next best.”

“Hotels are the hearts of their communities – especially in regional and suburban areas – and the truth is many are struggling to survive with take-away sales the only form of income.

“This move by Lion will particularly help out many of the small local pubs at a time when they need it most. I thank James Brindley and his team at Lion for this great initiative. Not only does it provide an immediate boost to venues, it prevents millions of litres of draught beer literally going down the drain.”

Lion Managing Director James Brindley said the brewer was committed to doing everything it could to support licensed venues during this challenging period.

“On 23 March we announced immediate support for pubs, in the form of credits for all unused and capped kegs, but we knew many pubs would have tapped kegs sitting in their cool rooms they would still need to get through, and this initiative will make that possible,” Brindley said.

“We have also supported pubs with cleaning procedures for their draught beer systems to keep them in working order, ready and able to open up quickly again when the time comes. Our draught quality team has now cleaned 10,000 couplers and taps for our on-premise customers, and this number will keep growing. So committed to the cause, our team has been doing all this vital work from home.”

A message from CUB

Keg credits

Carlton & United Breweries are continuing to work with our On Premise partners for keg returns and credits. This is a complex task which requires a number of steps depending on how accessible your kegs are. With safety our number priority we are doing everything possible to ensure all personnel in this process are kept safe. CUB are ready to move to the next stage which is to arrange a time and date to collect the kegs.

When it’s time for your keg return to be picked up, you’ll receive a call 24 hours prior to the schedule time to ensure you can organise to be available for the pickup. CUB are working very hard to ensure the return of kegs is completed in a timely manner but please be aware it can take up to 8 weeks to finalise all keg pick-ups. Credits for full kegs (net of minimal logistics related costs) with sealed brand caps attached, will be processed when kegs are receipted at a CUB warehouse. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

For the Love of your Local Initiative

CUB, in partnership with AHA Australia, wants to help our industry through the For the Love of Your Local initiative.

How it works:

  • The public can pre-purchase a pint voucher online from participating venues at
  • All proceeds from the voucher are transferred by CUB to that venue via PayPal.
  • CUB will match the pre-purchased voucher with additional beer for the patron, donated to the venue when it re-opens.
  • To register and for more information visit:

Typsy Training

As part of the partnership between Typsy and Carlton & United Breweries, we are offering members unlimited and unrestricted access to Typsy and their entire training content library of 650+ hospitality-specific video lessons.

Due to the unprecedented industry challenges and hardship caused by COVID-19, Typsy is absorbing all Typsy Pro Individual and Business subscription costs until 30th September 2020. Your staff can also earn CUB training badges on Typsy!

Please note: When creating a Business account on Typsy, you will need to enter your Supplier Access Code where prompted, to receive both the absorbed subscription costs (through until September 30th, 2020) and have access to CUB badges. If not known, ask your CUB representative or Brewery Fresh Partner for more information.

Explore CUB’s online learning content powered by Typsy at:

Learn more about Typsy’s COVID Support Plan at:

Click HERE to view a summary of the support package available from Typsy.

Hand Sanitiser

CUB has partnered with leading hygiene company EcoLab on a great initiative to produce and donate 60,000 bottles of CUB Hand Sanitiser. The majority will go to frontline medical staff as they fight COVID-19 in emergency wards around the country. On behalf of the employees at Carlton & United Breweries, we are donating this sanitiser to offer a helping hand to our hard working Australians.

A message from St George

Please see an economic update from St.George Bank Senior Economist, Janu Chan as she talks about the latest on COVID-19 and shares her thoughts on the economic outlook and financial markets.

Watch here

A message from Banktech

While our lives are in turmoil at the moment, please be assured Banktech and Utopia Gaming Systems (the owner of Global Gaming) are continuing to support our customers, staff and their families during this difficult time. We have moved quickly to assist our hotels and clubs with suspension and/or deferral of licence, maintenance and equipment payments for the term of the government closure. This includes ATMs, CRTs, Global Gaming Systems and all other products supplied by us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us on or call us on 1800 080 910.

A message from IGT

Given the Government mandate to close all pubs, clubs and casinos we thought it’d be useful to give you some tips on maintaining the health of your gaming machines. That way you can protect your investment and power up with fewer problems when you come back online again.

When gaming machines (EGMs) are powered down for an extended period it can affect the rechargeable battery used for the machine’s back-up memory.

All EGMs have backup memory to ensure the machine retains a ‘memory’ of gameplay for regulatory and gameplay reasons.

Due to the nature of capacitors and NiMH type batteries used in an EGM’s major components, IGT recommends powering on all EGMs for a minimum of 4 hours every three days to allow batteries and capacitors to maintain charge.

This avoids memory backup corruption and component failures, which may lead to unexpected EGM down time when clubs, pubs and casinos come back online after this pandemic is over.

For any IGT EGMs 15 years or older – i.e. Game King, GU4 and bluechip (AU1) – IGT recommends avoiding powering down these EGMs where possible.

Why? The backup batteries in these older products may no longer function at a good capacity and replacement parts may be limited.

IGT also recommends that progressive controllers and IGT player tracking systems hardware are not powered down where possible.

A message from Ainsworth

For the duration of the shutdown it is highly recommended that all machines are powered on once a week for a minimum of 8 hours or twice a week for 4 hours. This will greatly assist in ensuring longevity for continued operation when required to come back online.

An alternate option would be to place the EGM into sleep mode (where available). This allows only the machine’s processor to continue operating, keeping the batteries on the mainboard charging to hold machine configuration including meters and data.

Our team is still available should you require any parts or wish to discuss anything further. Please contact our office on 1300 556 268 between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

A message from SG Gaming

In support of the industry that supports us all, SG Gaming will be deferring payments that are due. These payments take the form of:

  • Monthly Sales and Licence payments for EGMs on 12, 24 and 36 Months terms
  • Monthly Software Maintenance Support on Quartz Software on 36 or 60 Months
  • Monopoly Licence Fee

SG Gaming will defer all due payments on these agreements for as long as the order for premises to remain closed is in place, as imposed by the Australian Federal and/or the applicable State Government.

However, it must be noted, that pursuant to the terms and conditions agreed to and signed for by your venue, all monies owed under the agreement, will remain due and payable by the date set out in that agreement. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at should you have any queries.

A message from PFD

We are open for business and have branches located in Sydney, up and down the NSW coast, Canberra, the central west of NSW, as well the Riverina area.

We continue to work with our suppliers to ensure a continual supply of products; frozen, fresh and dry, including packaging and can supply products for your needs.

We have an extensive range of fresh seafood that we process on site, which is complimented with a comprehensive range of frozen seafood.

We continue to work with our meat suppliers on being able to supply portion cut meat, or whole primal. We have a range of products that will suit take away menus and online delivery options.

If we can be of assistance over the coming days or weeks, please call our Customer Service Team on 02 9708 9000.

A message from MAX

MAX is committed to supporting our people and our customers through this challenging period. Following extensive engagement, Tabcorp recently advised that SKY, TAB, Keno and MAX had implemented measures to help assist our venues partners through this.

We understand that now, more than ever, our customers may be looking to us for guidance. When the time comes, we’ll be there to help get you back on your feet.

MAX Regulatory Services also advised of changes to operating hours of the Data Monitoring Services (DMS) help desk. Our help desk is now available from 9am to 5pm weekdays. You can email the team with your enquiry at outside of these operating hours.

As more information becomes available, you will receive updates via your MAX business representative.

Take care, stay safe – and be ready.

A message from William Angliss Institute

As the leader in hospitality training across Australia and New South Wales, William Angliss Institute is committed to supporting TAA members in this critical time.

Licensee Training

Until the end of May 2020, TAA members and their staff can enjoy a 15% discount off the following licensee courses. The new price is $285 per person, per day (reduced from $330 per person, per day.)

  1. Licensee Training (LT) (one day): This Licensee training course is compulsory for new licensees or when your existing RSA card expiries.
  2. Advanced Licensee Training (ALT) (two days): This course applies to venues authorized to trade after midnight.
    Business Operations

Make the most of the downtime by upskilling your staff. Commencing soon William Angliss Institute offers free online bite sized training courses up to 45 minutes in duration that are designed to support your business operations in the areas of.

  • Using Zoom to engaged online
  • Rethink your menu design
  • Virtual wine tasting class
  • Develop and update your business plan

Contact Jill Hingston at or call 9125 5111 for further details and dates.

A message from Steadfast IRS

Contact your broker to discuss options available to you and your business, some insurers are offering mid-term refunds on certain policies. If your insurer is not offering a mid-term refund contact your broker and see if you are entitled to an end of policy adjustment. This means insurers will re-rate your policy based on actual turnover and/or gross profit taking COVID-19 into account. The result should be a refund premium.

My policy is falling due, what do I do?

You will need insurance, contact your broker and have a discussion around what policies are required and what estimates you should put in for the coming 12 month period. It is imperative you continue to insure your business.

I can’t afford my premium instalments

Again have a discussion with your broker, if you currently have premium funding in place they may be able to offer a deferred instalment to assist during this tough time.

All insurance policies have different terms and conditions and your placing broker will be best situated to discuss your policy with you.

If you need assistance please feel free to contact one of the team at Network I Steadfast.

John Kay PH: 0455 400 224
Nic Bova PH: 0439 804 587
Nick Markovski PH: 0409 457 792

A message from Asahi Premium Beverages

All of us at Asahi Premium Beverages are deeply troubled and saddened by the effect COVID-19 has had on our communities, our way of life and how this has had a particularly devastating impact on our beloved hospitality industry. At APB, we can only begin to imagine the stress and anxiety this situation has caused you and your teams and of course your families. It’s times like these we need to ensure we support each other and look with hope to a brighter future when life returns to some sort of normality and we can once again enjoy the amazing hospitality you have to offer the people of Australia.

In light of the Government’s announcement on Monday to close hospitality venues, I write to reassure you that we at APB are here to support you in these difficult times. APB will accept return of all full, unopened kegs and unopened BIBs, and will credit these to your account. To process your returns, please contact your local Area Sales Manager with the product quantity, best before date, and your customer account number. We are currently working with our logistics partners as to how we manage the collection process and we will be in touch with further details soon. We appreciate your patience in what are unprecedented times but, rest assured, we promise you will receive the full credit for returned products.

A message from One Music

We are suspending any debt collection on any outstanding fees. Once the venues reopen we will adjust their past licence fees to reflect the period of closure.

Several important changes have been made to assist you and your business during this time:

  • If you have suspended trade, your account will be placed on hold until you resume trade – licence adjustments will also be made retrospectively to reflect any period our music was not used.
  • If you continue to trade but there have been changes to your music use we can amend your licence to reflect this now.
  • We are open to discussing flexible credit arrangements.
  •  We can issue a licence for online events that use our music.

Despite our offices being closed, our staff are on hand to assist you. You can contact us on email or jump on live chat (between 9am-7pm).

A message from Coca-Cola Amatil

At Coca-Cola Amatil, our teams are working around the clock to ensure we can continue to support our customers, whilst keeping our people safe and continuing to produce our beverages.

Keg Returns

You have the option of returning and receiving a credit on any Canadian Club Draught, and our Beer or Cider Brand Kegs purchased from us in 2020.

Please note: We will only accept a return and provide a credit for full and capped kegs (this is for safety reasons). Tapped kegs cannot be returned.

To process a keg pickup and credit please call our National Sales Centre on 1300 666 835 (toll free), please have your customer number ready. You will need to provide us with the quantity of stock by product that meets the above criteria for return. Our consultant will then arrange for a pickup of this stock, however please note this may take a couple of weeks depending on your location. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

Postmix BIB Returns

You have the option of returning and receiving a credit on any Postmix (BIB) purchased from us in 2020

Please note: We will only accept a return and provide a credit for unopened, unused Postmix (BIB) product that has a best before date of April 1, 2020 or later. Any product that is open, currently connected or has a best before date prior to April 1, 2020 cannot be returned.

To process a Postmix BIB pickup and credit please call our National Sales Centre on 1300 666 835 (toll free), please have your customer number ready. You will need to provide us with the quantity of stock by product that meets the above criteria for return. Our consultant will then arrange for a pickup of this stock, however please note this may take a couple of weeks depending on your location. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

If we can be of further assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact your Business Development Executive or Key Account Manager.

TAA NSW Industry Suppliers

We provide the Industry Suppliers Support Measures document for the assistance of members as a summary of the range of general relief commitments and offers of support as announced by industry suppliers.

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