Power Purchase Agreement

TAA NSW launched a member exclusive Electricity Offer by Simply Energy on Thursday 30 May 2019.

Traditionally, as an energy customer you would purchase electricity from a retailer who sources its power from the wholesale energy market. However, this TAA initiative revolves around an aggregated Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which creates a contractual agreement via a renewable electricity generator – in this case a solar farm – to purchase electricity at an agreed price for a period of time. The PPA price is expected to be significantly lower than both the current retail and wholesale price of power.

Use the TAA NSW exclusive Savings Calculator, powered by CleanEnergy Strategies to preview the possible 2020 savings that our offer may be able to achieve for your property.

For more information you are welcome to download the information brochure & FAQ’s.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to TAA NSW on 02 8218 1823 or via taa@tourismaccommodation.com.au